VLB Services Company B.V. can deliver your stores 24/7 in the Flushing estuary. Ranging from refrigerated foods on a pallet to 30 tons rudders or several meters of heavy anchor-chain.

On our location we have a forklift and crane available and depending on the cargo we can use our fully ADNR approved cranevessel VLB-1 (10 tons crane at 21m height), tender VLB-6 or one of our transport pontoons TB-101, TB-102, TB-103 and TB-104.

Delivered stores are transported outdoors. Goods that must be protected from harmful influences due to weather conditions or present fauna must be packed accordingly.

VLB has capacity for conditional storage of food products. Please check prior to delivery if enough conditional storage capacity is available.

VLB does not accept any liability for damage due to insufficient packaging and lack of conditioned storage capacity.

VLB only accepts goods for uncontrolled transit. Clients and / or suppliers are responsible for correct pre-registration / deregistration at customs.

VLB is not responsible for any irregularities that arise as a result of not handling/incorrect handling of customs formalities by clients / suppliers or as a result of any deviations found during customs control.

  • Signed delivery-coupons need to be handed over in a sealed enveloppe.
  • VLB Services Company B.V. will not accept any cash-money
  • If any landing-goods, please notice the following rules

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