VLB Services Company B.V. can deliver your stores 24/7 in the Flushing estuary. Ranging from refrigerated foods on a pallet to 30 tons rudders or several meters of heavy anchor-chain.

On our location we have a forklift and crane available and depending on the cargo we can use our fully ADNR approved cranevessel VLB-1 (10 tons crane at 21m height), tender VLB-6 or one of our transport pontoons TB-101, TB-102, TB-103 and TB-104.

In order to provide a more efficient service and delivery, please use our stores-request form if you would like us to transport your goods. (Please contact us by phone for a confirmation with the exact date and time of the delivery at our location).

  • Signed delivery-coupons need to be handed over in a sealed enveloppe.
  • VLB Services Company B.V. will not accept any cash-money
  • If any landing-goods, please notice the following rules