VB 1 high and dry

VB 1, the companies first vessel

The company was founded in April 1971 by Mr. W. van Splunder and his wife Wilhelmina van Splunder van Belzen. And by purchasing their first vessel "SCHOL" which was renamed "VB 1" the founding of the company was a fact. In the early days only a few companies where active in the Flushing-East area; the Royal Scheldt shipyard (now Damen Shiprepair Vlissingen), Hoechst, Total refinery, Pechiney and the NV Haven van Vlissingen. That same year development started for the "container-quay", our current location.

In those days, (un)mooring was not the only activity the company carried out; personel was deployed for stevedoring, loading ships/trains, taxi-service and even offices where cleaned. Clearly a lot of activities where undertaken by the company in the first 10 years.

In the past 25 years the company specialized more and more in mooring/unmooring of vessels and offshore pontoons and extended it's services to the maritime industry. From the founding in 1971 till the beginning of the eighties most of the personel worked as a dayshift-based on-call employee but after this period and the expansion of the company it changed to a continuous service using a pool of contracted people. Currently the founder's son is running the company.

Since a couple of years the Flushing Boatmen Company B.V. is a certified learning company for SBB.

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