Flushing Boatmen Company B.V.

For all services required in and outside the harbour. Since 1971 the Flushing Boatmen Company B.V. are known for their service and quality, regarding mooring / unmooring of ships and offshore pontoons in the Flushing estuary.

Boatman mooring a vessel

VLB Services Company B.V.

With a modern fleet, we're ready for you. 24/7. Besides (un)mooring we also render the following services:

Supply crews

Runners for in-/outbound (towage)transports as well as trial-crews

Stores delivery

Delivery of (cold)stores and technical equipment in the Flushing estuary.


Transport of crews, shippings agents, surveyors etc.


Render assistance during anchoring, (un)docking and oilcleaning operations.


Add know-how and oil-recovery equipment in case of an oil-polution, more info at oilcleaning.


Towing pontoons and/or hulls, positioning fenders / oilbooms.

Equipment rental

Rental of pontoons, vessels and oil-recovery equipment as well as a large quantity of other maritime parts. More information can be found at the equipment page.

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